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Spring time in Park

Spring Time Tree Care

The days seem to be getting longer, the sun a little brighter and the pollen count much higher! The gloomy and deary days of winter are almost behind us, and often people want to get out in the yard to prepare their plants, shrubs and trees for a beautiful Spring.

In order to ensure that your trees have a healthy growing season, you will want to follow the three phases of spring tree care and help to boost your trees nutrients and strength after a long winter. With a few easy steps, you can guarantee that your trees will thrive and have a long, healthy life.


Phase I: Before You Wave Goodbye to Winter

  • While your trees are still bare, you will want to inspect them for signs of winter damage or disease. ┬áSome signs that can indicate your tree is unhealthy include large pieces of bark missing, roots crossing over the trunk, a large amount of dead branches throughout the tree, and insects.
  • If you have any branches that are dead, diseased, or that appear unsafe, you will want to prune them before the spring growth starts. While pruning in warmer weather may seem like a better choice, it can actually lead to the spreading of disease and pest.


Phase II: Before the Bloom Prep

  • Gather up and remove all fallen leaves, branches and any additional waste from your landscape to allow for healthy growth within in your yard.
  • After winter, your trees are lacking in nutrients and craving them. It is important to provide these to your trees. You will want to find a good quality, slow release fertilizer to help your trees defend against any pest or diseases.

Phase III: During Springtime Blooms

  • This is the time to plant any new trees. You will want to select trees that will thrive in your area and you will want to find the perfect growing spot in your yard.
  • You will also want to freshen or add mulch to your trees at this time. You want to leave a 1 inch gap from the trunk of the tree to allow it to stay dry and healthy. Spread the mulch two to three times the diameter of the crown to provide adequate coverage. By adding mulch, you are helping to improve your trees soil moisture and also helps to keep weeds at bay.
  • Water is essential to good growth. Most North American trees prefer to get up to an inch of water weekly. If your Spring season is dry, you may want to consider watering your trees. This can help the tree more easily deal with others stressors, like bad weather, disease, and insects. If you do experience a dry season add water over the root zone when the leaves start to dry out.

Preparing your trees for Spring is essential to a good growing season. With a few steps prior to first bloom and soon after, you can ensure the health of your trees year after year. We hope these tips help your trees to thrive and continue to grow!

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