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What to Expect When Getting a Tree Removed

There are an estimated 3.04 trillion trees in the world. That means there are roughly 420 trees for every person on earth.

Trees are a vital part of our environment. They produce oxygen, improve air quality, stabilize soil, and give shelter to wildlife. They can be a beautiful addition to your landscape but sometimes it is necessary to have a tree removed. It may be necessary to remove trees if they become too big for your property, become diseased or die or maybe they need to be cleared for a new project or construction. Regardless of the reason you need to have a tree removed, there are several things you can look for and expect from a professional tree company.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Tree?

The cost to remove a tree varies greatly. Costs can range anywhere from $150 to $1500+. Complexity of the job and height of the tree are the two main pricing factors. As a rough ballpark, expect to pay a couple hundred dollars for a small tree under 25 feet, $500 for a tree 25 to 75 feet and $1500 or more for a tree over 75 feet tall. Additional limb removal, stump removal, grinding or chipping can cost additional.

Since there are so many variables involved in tree removal, be sure to have a local tree company give you are quote in writing.

How to Prepare

It is always a good idea to prepare before the tree company gets to your property. If the trees, that are being removed, are close to a driveway, make plans to relocate vehicles. If it is a large job, you may have to relocate vehicles regardless of the worksite location due to large trucks and machinery. The area surrounding the tree(s), as well as any walkways that will be used to get from vehicles to the tree, should be clear of objects and debris. Debris, plant pots, patio furniture, children’s toys or other items should be moved from the area and walkways. By preparing the property in advance, the job can be completed quickly and efficiently.

Since large trucks and equipment may be involved, as well as loud machinery, it is a good idea to inform neighbors about what is going to happen.

Be sure to keep the yard clear of any animals for the extent of the job as they could cause safety hazard to themselves and workers.

Make sure any questions you may have about the job are clarified in advance. Make sure you understand all services that are being done including stump removal or grinding and what is to be expected in the cleanup process prior to the day of the job. Take the time to discuss all your options so that everyone is clear on the work that will take place.

What to Expect

The size and location of the tree will determine how the removal takes place. A large tree near a house or powerlines will be handled differently that a small tree standing alone far from buildings. Regardless, tree removal will follow a similar process.

If the tree has enough clear space around it, it is possible to be cut down in one piece. The trunk is notched out in the direction it needs to fall, then a cut is made from the opposite side until a natural “hinge” forms and the tree begins to fall. Once on the ground, the tree can be cut into smaller pieces and removed. The stump can be ground down and everything can be cleaned up.

If the tree is larger and has little clearance, like being close to powerlines or buildings, then the process will be a bit more involved. The tree company will scale the tree, and limb or cut it into pieces from the top down. Once the tree is limbed and at a manageable, safe size, the tree can be cut down from the lower trunk. It may still need to be secured with ropes to help guide the trees fall.

Once a tree is removed, a small stump will remain. The stump can be left as is, removed or grinded down below the ground level. After a stump is grinded, you will be left with little more than a small patch of dirt a little bigger than the trees footprint.


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